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Mommy Photo Captions

Hello gorgeous babies... Mommy wants YOU to do her a special little favor. Baby wants to help mommy doesn't he?

My Photo Gallery link is located here where you can check out all of my photos. I want you to CAPTION the photos and to send me an EMAIL with them. You can select whatever photos you like best, even one or two. take a good long look at the photo and then decide what Mommy is saying to you in that photo! I thought it could be fun and i intend to add ALL captions. It should give my beautiful babies a chance to get creative and to have some fun! And what a great way for baby to get out of his punishments by flattering mommy to pieces!

Just to rehash it again.... go to my photo galleries first. Select your favorite photos. Write down what you think mommy is saying to you. Put it in an email to me and just let me know which photo it goes to. You can send me the link to the picture, describe it, etc. Whatever way is easiest for you sweetie
. Have fun!
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