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You can call this line anytime I am not available because I support this service knowing that they do offer quality AB and DL Fantasy talk. The number is toll free 1-877-496-6669.

Mommy Waves at You
Hello adorable babies! Have you been behaving? Mommy is here and ready to give you some wuv.

Mommy experiences time of feeling deeply intimate with her ABDL fetish, and then other times she has felt she needed a little distance from it. I have spoken to many others in the lifestyle who also feel the same way. I love those kinds of analytical discussions because they are so rewarding and even comforting. What mommy doesn’t love a little comfort?

So drop me a line and tell me what your opinion is on that topic. You can use my Contact Form. Say hello to me, tell me your interests, and please ask to set up a call. I would love to talk with you. If you are reading this message than I want to adopt you as my Adult Baby.
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Mommy Phone Sex  for Adult Babies and Diaper Fetishes

Infantilism does NOT involve real children or Incest.
This is an adult fantasy service for AB/DL and entertainment purposes only