Mommy Regina has created these special Baby Books for all her Adult Baby boys and girls. I'm keeping these Baby Books for any of my adopted Adult Babies that might like to see their names posted with a few important mommy notes. I'l add to them when I can, and I'll have my Baby help me by letting him offer me ideas to make his page extra special. You can show the world who your mommy is, and it gives mommy a chance to display how unique and wonderful you all are!

Mommy's GOOD Babies Mommy's NAUGHTY Babies
Baby Jason
Baby Dwayne

Baby Tommy

Baby Roger

Baby Jenny

Baby Matt
Baby Scottie

Baby Timmy
Victoria Rose

Little Prissy

Baby Jennifer
Baby Tricia
Baby Davy

Baby Robbie

Sissy Baby David

Little Mister

Fantasy Calls with Mommy are Billed Discreetly
7 Minutes is only $17.50 and it's the minimum
Each additional minute is $2.50

The Best Times to reach me for a phone session?
8am until 4pm Central Time Mon through Fri

Serious inquiries ONLY - call me if you wish to do a session.
Please help to keep my costs down by reading my site carefully before you call.
Please direct your questions to my Email Address.

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