Baby Jenny
Baby Age: 6mos

Mommy Diary

Mommy adores her sweet little Baby Jenny and it doesn't matter that she was born with a penis, because I'm going to correct that little problem. Mommy wanted a little girl and that is how it's going to be. Mommy must have her little pretty princess at any cost. So the secret is that Jenny has become mommy's special girl and nobody else must know. It's going to remain our special family secret. So like any other mommy I dress my precious girl in pink ribbons, bows, pretty shoes, and delicate dresses. Jenny's room in all decorated up in a cute Barbie theme. I can be an old fashioned mommy for my adult baby Jenny, I even use cloth diapers and plastic pants for her rather than those cheap looking disposible diapers. Nothing is too good for my little girl.

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