Sissy Baby David
Baby Age: 2

Mommy Diary

Sissybaby David is being kept in diapers to put him in his place. He was cheating on his wife. 24/7 diapers with locking diaper pins, locking plastic baby pants, and no potty priveleges is his punishment. Enemas and catheters are used to make him lose all control if he still tries to misbehave. I hope Baby David thought his affair was worth it, because from now on his little weiner is going to stay trapped in thick cloth diapers and noisy plastic pants where it belongs. He is going to have to develop his oral skills to keep his wife happy in bed. Mommy is undoing his toilet-training to make sure he always has to wear diapers. He should be grateful he is still allowed to make naughty "number 3" messes, even if the only place he is allowed to squirt is in his diapers.

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