Tricia Leigh
Baby Age: 2

Mommy Diary

Mommy wants Tricia Leigh to behave. Tricia is a naughty little girl in her terrible two's and temper tantrums are running amuck. Mommy is a busy woman and I am patient but after awhile I have to admit that Tricia wears me out. "NO" is her favorite word and when Mommy can take no more - then Tricia has to be spanked. Sometimes Tricia is so defiant that she tells me it didn't hurt! So up comes her skirt, down comes her training panties, and multiple whacks must be done until she cries. It's the ONLY way I can make her behave. Mommy gives Tricia lots of love and cuddles after tanning her bottom. I have high expectations on Tricia and I think she will out grow it all... but I have to do what I HAVE to do to keep her in line!

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