Soft Domination with Mommy, Diaper Punishment, Diaper Humiliation, Sissy Babies
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Soft Domination with Mommy, Diaper Punishment, Diaper Humiliation, Sissy Babies

Soft Domination with Mommy, Diaper Punishment, Diaper Humiliation, Sissy Babies

Mommy Regina is not a harsh dominant Mommy but I am... aggressively adoring. I’m a caring, loving, and adoring mommy that also understands that baby sometimes needs to learn certain lessons. Occasionally there is no other way to make a bad baby understand – so he has to experience mommy’s angry side and a little humiliation. Mommy only humiliates in a loving fashion… it’s for your own good. Mommy doles out discipline with love.

Scolding – Naughty babies sometimes need a good firm but loving scolding from mommy. Mommy may have to lecture you on good manners, behaviors, and so forth. Mommy will swat, slap, smack, and tan your bottom until you listen to her.

Spanking – Mommy believes in an old fashioned good spanking. Nothing makes sure that baby behaves himself better, and nothing makes baby understand that mommy is the authority figure. It hurts me far more than it hurts you precious.

Public Diaper Changing’s – Of course Mommy wants to take her little darling out to the mall. Besides, I have lots of shopping to do. Sometimes the sales girls at the clothing stores think you are so cute sweetie pie. I’m always prepared with a diaper bag and I should suspect that you’ll need changed very soon with all the shopping excitement.

Forced Diapering - Maybe you are a grown up. Perhaps Regina's boyfriend or husband and I'm just going to make you my baby. Wearing a diaper will feel humiliating to you... but it's what I want and you'll have to do what I say. You'll be slowly regressed into my baby and say good-bye to adulthood.

Soggy Diaper Punishment – If you will not become potty trained by acting like a big boy and telling mommy that you need to go… then Mommy will have to leave you in that soggy wet stinky diaper all day. No matter how many times baby asks to be changed or tells mommy his bum is sore,

Girlie Punishment - Sissy Babies – Mommy’s boys who cry too much, get too whiny are simply acting like a little girl. If you act like a little girl, then Mommy will have to treat you like one. Mommy’s sissy baby is going to be dressed up in girlie things and then shown off in front of other people. Then you’ll learn your lesson.

Potty Privileges Removed – Big boys know how to use the potty for mommy. If there is a bedwetting accident… or two… or three Mommy is going to become upset. It’s very simple honey, if you are having these accidents then clearly mommy needs to put you back into diapers and there isn’t going to be any complaining about it.

Of course these are just a few different ideas about Mommy's domination style. I'm a soft seductive and loving woman by nature and that means that my domination style is soft and loving too. If you want to talk to me but are not sure if your fantasy will fit with my style then please DO email me and we can chat about it first without you spending a cent!

You can call this line anytime I am not available because I support this service knowing that they do offer quality AB and DL Fantasy talk. The number is toll free 1-888-448-8642. The rates are just $2.00 per min with a 10 minute minimum.

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