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Your ABDL Fetish is my specialty because it is my fetish too! Let’s spend some one-on-one time together on the phone, so Mommy can pamper you! Adult Baby Fetish Fantasy with Mommy Regina…. it will make you go “Ga-Ga”!

abdl phone sex

ABDL Phone Sex with Mommy Regina is an Adult Baby Diaper Lover’s fantasy roleplay website for the ABDL lifestyle. Infantilism is a specialized fetish and no ordinary phone sex service will satisfy. You need a special mommy that understands you as the unique adult baby that you are! There are a variety of ways that each adult baby or diaper lover may want to live out their fantasy and Mommy recognizes that with tender loving care.

ABDL Phone Sex with Mommy Regina explores age-play in an entertainment forum that’s safe and comfortable. Mommy will pamper you, powder your bottom, and diaper you. Crawl up onto the changing table so we get that wet messy diaper off your delicate bottom and make baby feel fresh and clean! Experience the freedom to let go of the boring real world and come into mine… where you’ll experience trust, intimacy, and fantasy infancy because a good Mommy makes you feel secure, safe, and adored. Adult Baby and Diaper Lover Phone Sex with Mommy Regina is for Adult Age Play Fantasy Conversations!

What does Mommy like about ABDL Phone Sex?

Well, silly that’s easy. Mommy loves adult babies, diaper lovers, and cuddling with her adult baby by telephone. If the baby is a good boy then mommy will just love him up… but if the baby is naughty and bad, then mommy may have to take some extreme measures like humiliation, teasing, or dressing you like a sissy baby for acting like one.

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Mommy Phone Sex for AB/DL’s



ABDL Phone SexThe adult baby fetish is a wonderful experience in phone sex. I specialize in the ABDL fetish, and I cater to my clients. If you only want to talk about your diaper fetish, then my phone sex service is still for you, because I am open-minded, flexible, and intelligent, and I have dedicated my work as a “phone sex operator” to spending quality time with my adult babies. You will always be special to Mommy Regina!

This is not one of those standard generic-themed “mommy phone sex” sites. I am an independent owner of my own company and I give personalized attention to adult babies and diaper lovers. Your fantasy is not a “one size fits all” desire, and you won’t be handled that way!


Disclaimer: Infantilism does NOT involve real children or Incest. This is an adult fantasy phone sex service for AB/DL and entertainment purposes only. Mommy Regina does NOT meet in person and therefore provides nothing further than roleplay interaction.