Mommy Rules For Adult Babies

Mommy Regina is a sexy loving mommy that will coddle you like the big baby that you are. Mommy Regina is never a mean, cruel, or a harsh dominating type of mother. All my adult babies are treated with tender loving care. Sometimes bad babies do need to be punished, but it is for your own good, and it will hurt me far worse than it will you. Please understand that Mommy Regina does not do “domination or humiliation style” fantasies.

Mommy is NOT looking for a “real-time” baby at this time. If and when I desire a real-time arrangement, I will officially make that announcement. There is no reason to call and ask me since I’ve already answered it here. Please understand that my toll-free number is a privilege for you to call, it’s not a right and that I do pay fees for the time someone rings me. Every time you call me your telephone number will be recorded in my log files and if I sense or see abuse, then you will be promptly blocked or redirected to your local police department. Mommy does have a slight temper and will teach baby boys a lesson when need be.

The details are quite clear on my website. Please do review it carefully. Most questions will be answered here, and if they aren’t then please feel free to shoot me a quick email. I check my email a few times per day and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Mommy likes her boys to be respectful of her, and she can return the respect to you.

Please have your credit card ready when you call and anything else you’d like to have on or with you during our call. Mommy does not give out free requests or assignments before you have paid for her time. This simply means if you want to be diapered then please diaper yourself and then call me. But do not disrespect mommy and call me as a new person asking me what to have ready for your call. If I have not adopted you as my baby then I won’t know you well enough to give you an assignment or instruction. I want and need to get to know you, and I will take the time to do that as well as take the time to remember you for the next time that you call.

Some AB/DL’s may not be into the “phone sex roleplay” idea and Mommy respects that! If you’d like to simply be able to talk to an understanding sensual woman about your fetish for diapers, or about real-life adult baby stories then please DO still call me. Mommy enjoys an intellectual conversation about adult babies too. This IS NOT just a “tacky phone sex line”. I am a unique woman, just as YOU are a unique man which means we probably both have varied interests and deep thoughts that revolve around this topic.

Call Mommy Regina

I’m only available from 10 am until 3 pm Central Time Zone

7 Minutes is only $17.50 and each additional minute is $2.50

Special Price! a 30 min Call is $68.00 and that’s 10% off

ABDL Phone Sex  1- 888-208-7540

When I am not available you can call my after-hours service at 1-888-448-8642